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How much in-home care experience do you have?

How much in-home care experience do you have?

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For which of the following personal care activities are you experienced in providing assistance?

Which of the following devices are you experienced in operating? Select all that apply.

In the past, have you cared for a patient with any of the following specialized needs? Select all that apply.

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What is your preferred pay rate per hour?

What is the maximum distance in miles that you are willing to travel from your home to a care recipient’s residence?

Rate your interest level in the following activities. Watching TV




Would you work in the following environment.

Are you willing to drive your care recipient to doctor’s appointments, as well as for grocery shopping and other errands?

Do you have a valid driver’s license?

Have you been charged/convicted/of a felonyand/or misdemeanor/or serve time?

If yes, Please describe


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