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Does my loved one need help?

 Home care services should be tailored to meet each person’s unique needs. When selecting home care services, the list below can assist in understanding a person’s behavior and help you determine the type of care needed, while still providing them with independence and dignity. All of our nurses meet the medical standard regulations and superior care.

Managing finances: Are bills being paid late or being forgotten altogether.

Errands: Are running simple errands, such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments or a trip to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy becoming a challenge?

Post Surgery: Managing even the simplest daily activities after coming home from the hospital after surgery can be a challenge.

Memory loss/ Dementia: A gradual or sudden loss of memory and laguage skills may result in evasive answers in an attempt to cover the inability to remember words, places and people.

Diminished Hearing: Your loved ones don’t always answer the phone or take a long time to pick up when you call… even though they’d always answered with no problems before.

Diminished Sight: Is your loved ones experiencing falls? Have you noticed a hesitance in his or her walk?

Falls: Unexplained bruises, often accompanied by explanations for cuts, bruises or broken bones that don’t ring true. Incontinence: Clothing stains, odors emanating from furniture, clothing or automobile seats.

Self Neglect: Poor eating habits and inadequate nuttrition/hydration, failure or inability to follow through on physician’s instructions, medicine dosages, etc.

No Bathing: It could simply be that they are afraid or not able to get into the bath and are too embarrassed to ask for help.

Resists: Doing things that he/she always liked such as playing cards, singing or dancing. This could be a sign of depression or a sign that the capability to do these activities is slipping. The inability to do what they used to do can trigger depression.

Bed Stay: This could be a sign that they don’t feel well, but can also be a symptom of depression.

Medication: They might be experiencing some side effects to a medication. Check with the doctor or a pharmacist as to what the possible side effects are of the medicine they are resisting and then check for these side effects.

Make Excuses: Not to attend family or other special events they used to enjoy. Investigate if there is something about the physical environment that bothers them.  too much noise, harsh smells or whether the temperature is too hot or too cold.

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